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Content submission is the process of submitting your articles and links in the top free article directories, other websites as well as the article lists. Content Submission is essential in order to make your site gain recognition and also so that your articles are being read and your products and services are being sold from all your various websites. This is a very useful activity as it saves a lot of time and enables your articles to be read and acknowledged by the masses quickly. It is always a wise decision to outsource Content Submission as this gives you an opportunity to look after other crucial aspects of the business which involves physical presence at work. This will help you relish greater monetary gains.

Make sure to include appropriate keywords and phrases and tags in your articles for the search engine robot to recognize them readily. Doubtlessly, this is going to absorb lot of your precious time. And it is not unusual that many entrepreneurs find it hard to take out time to conduct such activities. Content submission team knows it well what should go in content submission as they have been working on mastering on this art day and night. They are aware of the possible consequences if the content contains loophole or violates copyrights. They know it well that there is nothing wrong with content submission on third party website.

You can noticeably observe in a few days time that all the efforts gone into optimizing your site through article or content submission actually pays. The team of content submission works to improve the traffic hitting onto your website. If you are not getting significant traffic on your site everyday then it means you are not living up to the potential of earning.

Be choosy in selecting article publishing websites. Choose the most advantageous article submitting websites, doing this will be a very useful task. Synchronizing your article text with content submission sites is a wonderful way of link creation. It is important to note that publishing of better, polished articles on your own website and second grade article on other small websites for article submission is a wise decision. Don’t submit one article at many places. This will definitely benefit you from the search engine optimization and search engine marketing point of view.

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Academic Essay Writing

Academic Essay Writing can be defined as an essay which is written to leave a point or understanding and also prove its existence and validity. An Academic Essay is not about a general reader’s observation. Each and every statement should be foolproof. It should exhibit truthfulness in the context with strong support off examples and facts. The battle is half won if reader is confided by the first paragraph of the academic essay. Since, a reader goes through an academic easy very closely (not just a surfacial reading) therefore writer ought to be very precautious while stating anything.

It is important to gain an idea about the topic before you proceed with writing text’s main body. When you start up with some common understanding of the topic then the picture regarding dos and don’ts becomes crystal clear. Do homework before commencing with writing academic essay. Spend time in collecting data, opinion and ideas.

Academic essays can be categorized into following 3 types:

• Reflexive Essay: This type of essay is written to present a general opinion. Such an essay is written from writer’s point of view. However, several examples can be stated to keep opinion or view of the observer in the essay.

• Descriptive Essay: In descriptive essay writing focus is on a particular object, character, presentation, place, event, etc. Citing the source of information and references should be very carefully done.

• Argumentative Essay: Writing an argumentative essay is not anybody’s job, it requires strong view point to support or defend topic at hand. The writer is expected to have clear understanding and abundant information regarding the subject in order to be able to sustain argumentative viewpoints.

Span your essay into multiple paragraphs. Don’t stuff all the points into single paragraph; try to include one point with its relevant description in each paragraph. Highlighting the vital information improves the readability of the essay. Making use of words like outstanding, firstly, secondly, minor, significance, breakthrough, etc catches the interest of the reader. Maintain a proper flow of paragraphs throughout the essay.

Never end your essay without a conclusion. Provide a summary in a nut shell to help the reader have an opinion or understanding of the reading. Proofread the entire essay. Remove all the grammatical errors and structural fallacies while you proofread. Revise it over and again if the academic essay is of greater importance, because one loophole can spell disaster.

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Landing Page Writing

Many a times you must have observed that when you across a link on some website and when you click on it, it takes you to some other site or some other page of the same website. This is what the landing page is! A landing page can be defined as the page which is the result of clicking on the link from search engine ads, websites, etc. Or in literal terms where a visitor lands! Special attention is given to the landing page in order to give it that perfect polishing touch so as to hook the visitor to your site. This is how a visitor can become a customer. Although, any page can be made landing page your website but to get a clear understanding let us think that landing page is the page which is meant for purely captivating visitor’s attention in a very brief duration.

An effective landing page is determined by two vital factors- they are content and design.

The information on the landing page should be free of any ambiguity. The message to be communicated should be stated crystal clear. There should be information that can mislead the visitor or further ask the user to move on to another page, as this may irate the visitor. Don’t use slangs, jokes or pranks. A landing page is not the ground for showing your creative best but to speak sensibly and relevant. The language used should be very simple and easily understood.

Landing page should contain all information the visitor is seeking for. Beware of cross selling. This might agitate the visitor. Don’t make the surfer play around to search for the product or service they are looking for on other pages. This is a very bad practice. Make the information about one product on a single page.

Offer help so as to how to use the product or service. Provide detailed explanation pertaining to usage of that product. Let your consumer know how this investment going to benefit them. This will persuade the visitor to buy the product or subscribe for the service. Support the text with good images or diagrams in order to give the fair understanding of the product usage. Use bullet points to highlight the salient features of the product on the landing page. This will make your page attractive and informative. Do not fail to state important information first, followed by the detail and other secondary information. Thus, covering all the important points which user intend to know will make your landing page worth the landing.

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Product Description writing

Internet is flooded with numerous products from various vendors, but how a consumer decides on which one to pick among those all? It is the overwhelming Product Description which lures the customer. The Product Description should be such that it sets your product stand out among other similar products which are placed in the vicinity of your product in the Google ranking.

Remember, that an unprepared army is bound to lose the battle. Learning from this can be useful here. Before launching your product online do a good homework by gathering all the requisite information regarding what should go in your product description. Or else your product will suffer an untimely death.
Make your product description picture-rich, because a picture speaks a thousand words and is self explanatory. Make it as eye-catchy as possible. Make your product count in the search engine results.

Apart from exhibiting your creative best, one has to be technically sound to establish a sound web presence. A keyword-rich Product Description is what the search engine looks for! Include those keywords which are the most sought after words, users enter in the omnibox. The text contained should be compelling and appealing at the same time. They should be able to visualize the product discretely in their minds as they read the product description.

A well structured product description can hook a customer like they have been seduced. A profound description of product should be so captivating that consumer starts believing that he does not want to know more about the product and this is what he was looking for. It should happen exactly the same way a salesperson sells his product by winning the faith of the customer. Thus, the Product description should be valuable and confounding. If we follow this culture throughout there is no way that search engine is going to optimize your product and reflect among top positions in the search results. Efforts gone in Search engine optimisation cannot go waste.

Do not brag about the product out of proportion. Be realistic at the same time. If the content of the product description is not genuine then it will evaporate from the web as if it were written in undetectable ink. Or we can say if it were never written. A realistic description helps in building belief of customer in your product.

Show the world why your product is the best suited for their needs over other available products in the market. Use compelling words and draw their attention to what you intend to convey through the medium of Product description Writing.

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Blog Writing

Blogs is a very influencing medium of communication. Today, many businesses survive online through blogs. Blog writing is a profession of writing blogs for any organization in order to maintain a communication channel among its readers. A big or small organization cannot keep a regular check on the updates on their site themselves hence, need of a blog writer cannot be neglected.

When a site is being built and maintained in the early stages of your company, then keeping a regular updates is not a hassle for the company. But the problems creep in as the business grows and you have other competitors to take care of. It is very essential for you to hire a blogger. You can even outsource bloggers. A blog writer can help you improve and maintain blog posting.

Do you know why blogging is so important these days?

The answer is here, this not only helps you letting your consumers know about the events, occurrences or circumstances in your company but also lets your readers intimate their concern and needs to you. Over period of time, you need to update and revise your content so that same readers have new piece of information for them on our site. Or you can say this is a way of hooking readership to your website.

Now, please understand that matter of your blog should be unique, realistic and relevant. All efforts will pay in terms of more traffic your website and hence giving a boost to the sales of your products and services, and your site will occupy a higher rank in the search results. A sound Blog Writing helps you gain visibility on internet. A keywords rich blog will find a better place in page rank and will help you rule out your competitors. When a blog is written or posted, backlink to the intended website should be given. All these technical aspects of blogging can only be taken care of by a professional blogger. Keyword analysis is achieved over a period of time through experience. It is needless to say that effort and money you invest in this activity will exhibit the astonishing results eventually. This will make you believe that it is worth the money.

While making selection of a blog writing provision, be sure of money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the results obtained. Do a risk analysis beforehand to avoid disappointments. To conclude, we would say that marketing campaigns determine the success of your site. Blog Writing has proved to be a promising strategy in achieving the favourable results.

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Press Release Writing

Whenever an organization wants to communicate valuable information to masses, a Press Release is written. Press Release Writing is one the most effective ways of promoting your business or services. All you need to do is prepare/ write a press release and submit it. Press Release Writing holds a very important place in order to make your web presence strong. Once a press release is prepared it can be either faxed or e-mailed to journalists, media outlets or editors at newspapers, radio stations and television, etc.

A press release is not a about telling the readers the sales hype and thereby trying to enhance traffic to your site, but it is purely about making people aware of new products and services offered by your business or any kind of amendments being made and how these modifications will prove to be advantageous to the users.

Press Release is synonymous to organizational, personal or business news to grab attention of media. Or in simple words Press release can be said as ‘Internet Based Publicity’. Your work may seem to be commonplace but it is not so obvious for others hence, you need to make people aware of your new events and arrivals avidly. Usually, a press release is inclined towards intend of the author of the press release. And it is mostly referred by media to generate content for news.

Format of Press Release:

A press release is always written in ‘third person’. Just as news release, press release is also a report on third party circumstance, occurrence or an event.
Press release begins with a catchy headline. It should be noted that to mark an impact press release should not exceed 500 words. The content should generally be divided into 2-3 paragraphs each containing 5 to 6 lines.

Begin your Press Release Writing with “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” if it is to be released on urgent basis.

Be very precise and accurate as it is intended for media. So “Play Safe” is the key here.

Now, regarding what your press release content should be. Show your creative instinct here. Provide a good title. Keep the initial letter of every word capital. The first paragraph contains physical location, date and day. Commence this paragraph with strong introduction so as to captivate the readers. They should be able to judge instantly that this piece if article is useful for them so that they do not give up reading further.
Next, provide the detailed information in the subsequent paragraphs. Also you can include briefly little history about your organisation and its arena of expertise in the last paragraph.

A press release is closed with the contact information about the release in the following order: name, title, email, telephone, etc. You can also quote the back link to your website. You can optionally use your company’s logo.

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Web Content Writing

Web content writing is one of the fasting emerging industries across the globe. With the advent of every company (be it small or big company) wants to establish web presence. With increasing number of surfing activities, every company wants to reach its targeted customers in an alluring manner. It is only a great way of liberal expression of words but also an efficient media in grooming industries in internet world. But it is essential to understand that Web content writing is way different than ordinary content writing. Since we are taking an aid of technology to increase the footfall on your site and hence giving a boost to your sales and services, therefore, we need to think and present our intended idea technically. In simple words, we can say that Web content writing demands technical knowledge along with literary skills.

Internet can be aptly described as a sea of information. World Wide Web is swamped with information from every nook and corner of the world and everything imaginable. Our Web content writers shoulder the responsibility of making your content look unique, interesting and relevant to the readers. Kindly understand that role of the Web content writer is to not only focus on a niche but to target a generic group of people. This generally turns in favour of the organization than a web content written for a particle group of people. With this approach you are able to catch hold the interest of more number of people.

It is a good practice to support your content with necessary facts and figures. As good Web content writers we demand relevant and authentic facts from our clients. Giving out the facts to the readers is a responsibility. But it is important to be cautious while stating facts as they should not be confusing. We, at SEOLinkguide, do thorough check for the authenticity of the facts by performing a decent research work.

Web content writing is essentially done by placing oneself in the shoes of the company you are writing for. Also keeping in mind who are the intended readers. After an extensive research, we are able to foresee what the readers would be looking for. Thus, our every effort is invested in making the content appear as friendly and search engine comfortable too. Prime importance is given to the fact that visitors should find our content worth the time and should gain satisfaction to the core.

SEO Article Writing

As a SEO content writing team we are largely concerned with the appropriate use and placement of keywords (the words or phrases enter by the users/visitor in the search engine for their intended search) throughout the web content. But, mind it that doing this is no less than a skill. It not only involves literary skills but also technical knowledge of how the search engine is going to respond to the keywords used in the website.

But first of all let us make you familiar with the term SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is an activity of attracting web traffic onto your website to make your website more and more noticeable and hence resulting in effective sales and promotion of your products and services online.

SEO article writing caters to the practice of writing web content and articles in such a way so as to land internet users or web surfers on a targeted site.

Most companies do not know of what all needs to done to promote their site. We at SEOLinkguide assist you every possible ways to identify your requirements for your business. We are committed to offer our extended services to all our clients diligently.

Now, let us try to understand in brief ‘behind the scenes’ work done by the search engines. We type the words or phrases (essentially also known as keywords) in the search engine textbox and thereafter hit ‘enter’, we see number of sites showing up with their URLs.

Then we start our search for the desired information among those links. Now, this is important to know that these sites which you see are due to the selection performed by the search engines namely Google, MSN, Yahoo, Bing and many more… Also it is important to note that results that you see include both sponsored results and organic results.

Here is where the difference comes in picture. If your site is Search Engine Optimized then it only it will hold a good position in the results reflected by the search engines. Thus, it is inevitable for every firm to perform a SEO check on their website before making it live.

As we have stated earlier in this article that content on your determines whether your site is Search Engine Optimized or not. You can’t afford to shut your eyes to what you are putting in the content. It is the only way you can reach top in the search engine results and consequently, stay within reach of targeted consumers.

Conclusively, we, as SEO experts, would only recommend that SEO demands SEO Content Writing.

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