Landing Page Writing

Many a times you must have observed that when you across a link on some website and when you click on it, it takes you to some other site or some other page of the same website. This is what the landing page is! A landing page can be defined as the page which is the result of clicking on the link from search engine ads, websites, etc. Or in literal terms where a visitor lands! Special attention is given to the landing page in order to give it that perfect polishing touch so as to hook the visitor to your site. This is how a visitor can become a customer. Although, any page can be made landing page your website but to get a clear understanding let us think that landing page is the page which is meant for purely captivating visitor’s attention in a very brief duration.

An effective landing page is determined by two vital factors- they are content and design.

The information on the landing page should be free of any ambiguity. The message to be communicated should be stated crystal clear. There should be information that can mislead the visitor or further ask the user to move on to another page, as this may irate the visitor. Don’t use slangs, jokes or pranks. A landing page is not the ground for showing your creative best but to speak sensibly and relevant. The language used should be very simple and easily understood.

Landing page should contain all information the visitor is seeking for. Beware of cross selling. This might agitate the visitor. Don’t make the surfer play around to search for the product or service they are looking for on other pages. This is a very bad practice. Make the information about one product on a single page.

Offer help so as to how to use the product or service. Provide detailed explanation pertaining to usage of that product. Let your consumer know how this investment going to benefit them. This will persuade the visitor to buy the product or subscribe for the service. Support the text with good images or diagrams in order to give the fair understanding of the product usage. Use bullet points to highlight the salient features of the product on the landing page. This will make your page attractive and informative. Do not fail to state important information first, followed by the detail and other secondary information. Thus, covering all the important points which user intend to know will make your landing page worth the landing.

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