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Academic Essay Writing

Academic Essay Writing can be defined as an essay which is written to leave a point or understanding and also prove its existence and validity. An Academic Essay is not about a general reader’s observation. Each and every statement should be foolproof. It should exhibit truthfulness in the context with strong support off examples and facts. The battle is half won if reader is confided by the first paragraph of the academic essay. Since, a reader goes through an academic easy very closely (not just a surfacial reading) therefore writer ought to be very precautious while stating anything.

It is important to gain an idea about the topic before you proceed with writing text’s main body. When you start up with some common understanding of the topic then the picture regarding dos and don’ts becomes crystal clear. Do homework before commencing with writing academic essay. Spend time in collecting data, opinion and ideas.

Academic essays can be categorized into following 3 types:

• Reflexive Essay: This type of essay is written to present a general opinion. Such an essay is written from writer’s point of view. However, several examples can be stated to keep opinion or view of the observer in the essay.

• Descriptive Essay: In descriptive essay writing focus is on a particular object, character, presentation, place, event, etc. Citing the source of information and references should be very carefully done.

• Argumentative Essay: Writing an argumentative essay is not anybody’s job, it requires strong view point to support or defend topic at hand. The writer is expected to have clear understanding and abundant information regarding the subject in order to be able to sustain argumentative viewpoints.

Span your essay into multiple paragraphs. Don’t stuff all the points into single paragraph; try to include one point with its relevant description in each paragraph. Highlighting the vital information improves the readability of the essay. Making use of words like outstanding, firstly, secondly, minor, significance, breakthrough, etc catches the interest of the reader. Maintain a proper flow of paragraphs throughout the essay.

Never end your essay without a conclusion. Provide a summary in a nut shell to help the reader have an opinion or understanding of the reading. Proofread the entire essay. Remove all the grammatical errors and structural fallacies while you proofread. Revise it over and again if the academic essay is of greater importance, because one loophole can spell disaster.

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