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Press Release Writing

Whenever an organization wants to communicate valuable information to masses, a Press Release is written. Press Release Writing is one the most effective ways of promoting your business or services. All you need to do is prepare/ write a press release and submit it. Press Release Writing holds a very important place in order to make your web presence strong. Once a press release is prepared it can be either faxed or e-mailed to journalists, media outlets or editors at newspapers, radio stations and television, etc.

A press release is not a about telling the readers the sales hype and thereby trying to enhance traffic to your site, but it is purely about making people aware of new products and services offered by your business or any kind of amendments being made and how these modifications will prove to be advantageous to the users.

Press Release is synonymous to organizational, personal or business news to grab attention of media. Or in simple words Press release can be said as ‘Internet Based Publicity’. Your work may seem to be commonplace but it is not so obvious for others hence, you need to make people aware of your new events and arrivals avidly. Usually, a press release is inclined towards intend of the author of the press release. And it is mostly referred by media to generate content for news.

Format of Press Release:

A press release is always written in ‘third person’. Just as news release, press release is also a report on third party circumstance, occurrence or an event.
Press release begins with a catchy headline. It should be noted that to mark an impact press release should not exceed 500 words. The content should generally be divided into 2-3 paragraphs each containing 5 to 6 lines.

Begin your Press Release Writing with “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” if it is to be released on urgent basis.

Be very precise and accurate as it is intended for media. So “Play Safe” is the key here.

Now, regarding what your press release content should be. Show your creative instinct here. Provide a good title. Keep the initial letter of every word capital. The first paragraph contains physical location, date and day. Commence this paragraph with strong introduction so as to captivate the readers. They should be able to judge instantly that this piece if article is useful for them so that they do not give up reading further.
Next, provide the detailed information in the subsequent paragraphs. Also you can include briefly little history about your organisation and its arena of expertise in the last paragraph.

A press release is closed with the contact information about the release in the following order: name, title, email, telephone, etc. You can also quote the back link to your website. You can optionally use your company’s logo.

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